The Tao of Relationship

A Journey.

A Community.

A Paradigm Shift.

A Series Of Weekends with Joseph and Elisabeth.

In The Tao Of Relationship we share our full vision and understanding of the potential of relationship. We explore ‘the path of relationship’, in other words – how relationship itself can become an dynamic, intimate, erotic, sacred shared path of self-realisation.

The masculine path and the feminine path are not the same. Each must find their own power – and bring it to the relationship. Their alchemy takes them both into a heightened intimacy, and a delight in being alive -awake, together, in the joy, the pain, and the mystery.

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The nest journey will run from February to November 2012. The series will consist of 4 long weekends (Thursday 6pm to Sunday 6pm), conference calls between the weekends, and an 8 day residential retreat.

Dates of 2012 weekends: 9-12 Feb., 26-29 April, 28 June – 1 July, 4-7 October.

Dates of 2012 retreat: 10-1 November

Cost: £360/couple/weekend, cost of retreat to be confirmed

10% discount for members.

This is an in-depth journey for a small committed group of couples who will all have had some experience of working with Joseph and Elisabeth.

If you’d like to get a feel of this work you can come for a private session, an Open Evening, or an Adventure Of Intimacy weekend.

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